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Brendan Benson [at] lj [dot] com
Blonde Curls To Spare
11|12|09 - 18:55 - Brendan Benson Online
acoustic, shine
Hi all! Just wanted to say, for the last month or so some friends and I have been working on a brand new Brendan Benson site, by the fans for the fans and we'd really love it if you'd check it out and let us know what you think.

Brendan Benson Online

It isn't complete yet, but we finally deemed it ready for the most important people to see (that's you, the fans!) All work on the design and construction of the website itself was done by onetenzeroseven (humble maintainer of this community) while moral support and added content came from myself, jasminfcc and our other non-LJ using associate!! There's a gallery, beginner's guide and all sorts of press and videos from the archives to keep you entertained, and maybe even help spread the word about Brendan's music to other people.

Sorry for posting this everywhere, we're just keen to spread the BB love!

11|04|09 - 15:29 - Brendan's Daytrotter Session
Misc; hear me calling you from deep down
In case you missed it, our Brendan B. did a Daytrotter session back in October. You can download the tunes free here.

Tracks include: Sucked Out (Superdrag cover), A Whole Lot Better, Feel Like Taking You Home, and Don't Wanna Talk.

Brendan Benson walked up our three flights of staircase after having just ridden overnight from New York City where he and his crack ensemble had begun a short tour with an appearance on Late Night With David Letterman. He carried with him only one thing. Between the fingers, in his right hand, was a single wine glass that was a long ways from home.

11|03|09 - 14:11 - In BB's Ears We Trust
Misc; hear me calling you from deep down

Brendan did an little piece for PASTE Magazine about what he's listening to here.

Misc: Time Zones
Brendan Benson performs for KCRW.

See it here.

Set List:

Whole Lot Better
Feel Like Taking You Home
Eyes On The Horizon
Don't Wanna Talk
Go Nowhere
Poised and Ready
Garbage Day
Brendan introduces band

08|28|09 - 22:10 - Release - Single
Wall-E: Star Gazing
Brendan Benson releases 'Feel Like Taking You Home'

Buy it here.

I aquired the 7" during my search for the delayed album release last Monday, I didn't even have a clue this was being released, I thought the single was 'A Whole Lot Better'! Anyways, it sounds STUNNING on vinyl, it was made to be played on a record player. GUH. Oh and the b-side is 'Playdown'. Get yours grabbed!

08|28|09 - 21:57 - Multimedia - Video
Anna: Giggle
Brendan Benson on Letterman, performing A Whole Lot Better

08|06|09 - 14:07 - Brendan Icons!
Here is one of them:

More can be found here!
Enjoy :)

Misc: Tea and biscuits
Brendan features in the video for Cory Chisel's Born Again, here!

Dressed as a priest! Patrick Keeler also features in the video along with Brendan's girlfriend.

07|20|09 - 22:14 - ASDFGHJKL!!!
SPN: Holy Mother

Bristol Thekla (October 13)
Nottingham Rescue Rooms (14)
Leeds Cockpit (15)
Newcastle Sage (16)
Glasgow Oran Mor (17)
Manchester Academy3 (19)
Birmingham Academy3 (20)
London Electric Ballroom (21)
Brighton Komedia (22)

From here.

I'm planning to go to 7 out of the 9 shows. I have tickets for other gigs on the other two dates. Its gonna be the best 9 days of my life!


Jack White’s co-frontman in The Raconteurs, Brendan Benson, is to release his fourth solo album on August 24.

Recorded in Nashville and London, 'My Old, Familiar Friend' is the belated follow-up to 2005’s 'The Alternative To Love'.

In the intervening four years, Benson made two albums (2006's 'Broken Boy Soldiers' and 2008's 'Consolers Of The Lonely') and toured extensively with The Raconteurs.

The tracklisting for 'My Old, Familiar Friend' is:

'A Whole Lot Better'
'Eyes On The Horizon'
'Garbage Day'
'Feel Like Taking You Home'
'You Make A Fool Out Of Me'
'Poised And Ready'
'Don't Wanna Talk'
'Lesson Learned'

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